Environmental Construction Product Declaration

Register a product in the DAPconstruction® Program

The DAPcons® have a defined validity period of 5 years. If, during the validity period, changes occur at a technological level that may lead to a variation of the environmental impact in the range of 5-10% of the product affected by the DAPcons®, the organization shall inform the administrator and start your review.

Procedure to register a product

Organizations/companies that want to register a product in the DAPconstrucción® program must follow the procedure according to:

1. They must be affiliated to the Program.


2. They must know the development procedures for a DAPcons® and the Product Category Rules (RCP) applicable to their product.

In the event that the RCP document or international standard for the specific product has not yet been developed, the Generic CPR should be used. In this case, the prior approval of the program administrator is required when making the DAPcons registration request.

3. Develop a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) study in accordance with the corresponding Product Category Rules (PCR). The LCA must be carried out by a LCA consultant, either internal or external to the organization. The consultant must register on the platform of the operator program, as a consultant. The ACV report will follow the format determined by the RCP.

4. Contact and contract the verification of the data through an independent verifier accredited by the Program who will carry out the pre-registration checks.


5. Making the DAP registration request through the platform by the organization/company. The operating program will issue an invoice according to the registration fee. Once the request has been made by the organization/company, the consultant is the one who must access the platform to generate the DAPcons®.

6. The (registered) consultant, once the registration request has been made by the organization, must enter all the necessary data from the DAPcons® based on the ACV study, following the guidelines of the procedure and the Corresponding PCR.

Once the introduction of all the data is complete, the platform sends communication to the verifier in order to proceed with the verification. From this moment on, the consultant cannot make any changes.

7. The verifier accredited by the DAPcons Program verifies the data and documents entered. In the case of incidents, create warning notes for the consultant.

8. Once the entire process of entering and verifying the data has been completed, the Program Administrator, after checking the payment of the corresponding fee, through the platform, approves the DAPcons® registration and sends the digital data, as well as the document in pdf format, on the DAPcons website, the ECOPlatform (if applicable) and other related entities. The DAPcons® can also be consulted in the private space of the organizations on the platform.

Esquema DAPcons

Fee to certify a DAPcons® product

Processing of type III ecolabel (DAPcons ®) documentation and registration. Validity: 5 years

  • First DAPcons® 1.200 €
  • Second DAPcons® 600 €
  • Third DAPcons® 450 €
  • Fourth and next DAPcons® 300 €

Renewal of ecolabel type III (DAPcons®) documentation and registration. Validity: 5 years

  • First DAPcons® 600 €
  • Second DAPcons® 325 €
  • Third DAPcons® 250 €
  • Fourth and next DAPcons® 175 €


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