Who we are

The Environmental and Sustainability Unit of the College of Technical Architectecture of Barcelona has been working for more than 14 years in the field of promotion, specialized training, publications and specialized advice in the fields of the rehabilitation, the restoration, the maintenance and the environmental aspects of the construction of buildings. In 1996 he was the promoter and organizer of the I Days of Construction and Sustainable Development. Since 2003 we have been certified by ISO 14001 and EMAS, forming part of the EMAS Club since 2006. Compliant with the citizen commitment to sustainability, we have written the 21 tips for sustainable housing, in order to stimulate Sustainability of buildings, with equipment for selective collection, reduction of internal noise, use of natural light, renewable energies and materials with eco-labeling and water use.

The Technology Section, within the Department of Architectural Constructions I, is in charge of teaching subjects in the area of knowledge that encompasses materials, construction, construction and technology. Currently, some subjects related to the environment, construction and architecture are being taught. Its lines of research cover all those research activities that are developed from the technology applied to the architectural construction, with a special mention to the technical aspects and the materials used. The following are currently being developed:

  • Innovative construction techniques for specific materials
  • Properties and behavior of building materials
  • Systems and constructive solutions
  • Construction and environment technology

The Cerdà Institute is a Private Foundation that acts independently, neutral and non-profit. Collaborate with public and private entities in the promotion of innovative projects and initiatives.

Their fundamental tools consist of analyzing situations, demonstrating problems and opportunities, selecting alternatives and planning actions.

It basically works in four areas with a high potential for change and emergence development with new business opportunities, which are:

  • Energy
  • Logistics and distribution
  • Natural environment
  • Information technology

The Association of Geobiological Studies GEA, was formed in 1991, with the aim of grouping the efforts and activities to disseminate and promote the study of Geobiology and Bioconstruction. These sciences - also called "Habitat Medications" - study the interrelations between living beings and the radications that emanate from the center of the earth, those that come from cosmic radiation and those generated by human activity itself and its influence in the health of the people as well as the harmful effects that some elements and construction materials may have. These studies serve to know the importance of the place on which one lives, and allow us to make the necessary modifications to the buildings to obtain a higher quality life. The Association publishes the quarterly bulletin "GEA", that collects studies, investigations, projects etc.

The ITL Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the provision of advanced technological services, training, advice and dissemination of technology related to the construction sector and, especially in the field of materials, its behavior and its The environment, with the foundational objective of transferring information, technology and innovation to companies, technicians and professionals in the sector.

After obtaining the accreditation of the Generalitat de Catalunya as a center of technological dissemination in 2005, the ITL Foundation is now part of the TECNIO network promoted by the Catalan government, as a technology center that offers cutting-edge technology services Specialized in areas of great projection in the sector such as rehabilitation, sustainable construction and bioconstruction. The ITL Foundation has also been the pioneer entity of the Lleida Agri-Food Science and Technology Park.