Cifre Cerámica SL registers a DAPcons®


The company Cifre Cerámica SL, specialized in the production of ceramics, has registered a new Environmental Product Declaration verified within the Program Operator DAPconstrucción®. This DAP includes the product DAPcons® 002.023 referring to a type of Medium Porcelain Stoneware that includes different formats. The variations in the results of the Life Cycle Inventory Assessment (EICV) in any case exceed 10%.

The product is produced in the Cifre Cerámica SL Plant, located on the Villarreal – Onda Road from Onda, Castellón.

The company Rema Ingeniería SL, member affiliated to the DAPconstrucción® Program, has been in charge of developing the life cycle analysis ACV, which was subsequently verified by ITeC. The DAPcons® is valid until the month of May 2024 and is based on the RCP Product Category Rules 002 for ceramic coating products - V.2 (2015).

In this case, it is a cradle to grave which means that the environmental impacts generated during the manufacturing phase, the stages of construction, the use and the end of life of the product are analyzed. 

The DAPconstruction Program was created in 2008 and it’s specialized in construction products with the objective to unite the manufacturing companies that wish to advance in the analysis of the environmental impacts of their products and commit to environmental improvement.