Compare DAPcons products for NZEB buildings


Obtaining a good quality of the building envelope is an indispensable requirement to reduce energy demand, and achieve a low energy consumption building (nZEB, almost zero energy building), zero energy balance (NZEB, Net Zero Energy Building ), positive energy building, etc. In this regard, as of December 31, 2020, the construction of new buildings will be of almost zero energy consumption nZEB, according to the European Directive 2010/31 / EU regarding the energy efficiency of buildings. In the case of public buildings, the obligation goes ahead two years, as of December 31, 2018. These buildings have a high level of energy efficiency, and the almost zero or very low amount of energy required must be 'To be covered in broad measure by renewable energies.

To know the factors influencing the design and construction of almost zero energy consumption buildings, the ICAEN, IREC, Leitat, Eurecat and CIMNE entities organize a free course that consists of 6 sessions where the regulatory framework is explained , what factors must be taken into account when designing the surroundings of a building with a high energy efficiency, what are the most suitable conventional and renewable energy facilities, and what role does energy management play for these buildings, a When built, they really consume little energy.

The fourth edition is now underway, where the main features of the Environmental Product Declarations have also been explained and where Jordi Marrot of the DAPconstrucción Program has shown how the different products that make up the building envelope can be compared to To be able to make environmentally sound decisions, being able to use for free the DAPs comparator enabled in the Sustainable Building Agenda.

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