The DAPcons® Environmental Declarations are internationalized


By the end of 2017, the DAPconstrucción® Construction Products Environmental Declarations Program has been audited as an Operator Program in the international ECO Platform association.

The ECO Platform Association was created in 2013 and is made up of the main European Program Environmental Producers of Environmental Declarations (DAP) for the construction sector. This Association seeks to harmonize criteria to facilitate the free movement of products in Europe, avoiding technical barriers based on environmental criteria. In order to achieve this harmonization, the ECO Platform Association has established an internal quality system that requires overcoming a system of peer audits, from which compliance with the European Standard EN 15804 and the internal requirements of the Association are verified. Once this process of harmonization has been passed, DAPs registered in the different audited programs can be registered in the ECO Platform and incorporate the Verified EPD Mark in their DAP. This process must be processed through each operator program and pay a supplementary fee established by the ECO Platform association on its website.

The process of audits of the ECO Platform began in 2015, despite that year the DAPconstrucción Program was embarked on structural changes that led him to modify his general instruction, the logo of the program that has passed from DAPc® to DAPcons® and the base model of DAPs, which is why it has not carried out the harmonization and audit process until 2016-2017.

With this recognition, it is possible to eliminate environmental barriers for manufacturers of construction products and materials committed to sustainability and the environment, who want to advance in the analysis of the environmental impacts of their products and have entrusted themselves with the Program DAPconstruction as Administrator and registration of your products.