Exlabesa registers DAPcons® 100.012 for Curtain Wall Systems


Exlabesa is a business group founded in 1966 dedicated to the extrusion of aluminum and PVC, offering a variety of products for architecture and industry, from the 7 production plants that are present in 40 countries on 3 continents.

In order to offer products that are increasingly lighter, more reliable and have less impact on their surroundings, they have registered the DAPcons® 100.012 regarding ECW-50 curtain wall system. Extrusion and lacquering processes of the aluminum profiles are carried out at the EXLABESA facilities of Valga (Pontevedra, Spain), and the anodize process is carried out at the Rols facilities (La Coruña, Spain), cutting of profiles of curtain wall systems are carried out in workshops throughout Spain.

ECW-50 light facades are stick-type systems, with uprights and crossbars in lacquered and / or anodized aluminum, 50mm in front and variable depths depending on the needs. The thermal bridge is broken through a PVC-U profile placed between the glazing / back cover and the aluminum structure.

ReMa Ingeniería SL, a member affiliated to Program Operator DAPconstrucción®, was responsible for preparing this DAPcons® subsequently verified by ITEC. Its valid until May 2024 and based on the RCP 100 Product Category Rules for construction products in general.

This is an Environmental Product Declaration “from the cradle to the grave”, that is, the environmental impacts of the product are analyzed taking into account the stage of manufacture, construction, use and end of life.

The Program Operator DAPconstrucción®  was born in 2008 with the objective of bringing together manufacturing companies that wish to advance in the analysis of the environmental impacts of their products and commit to environmental improvement.