Urban Agenda of Catalonia: planning together the future of cities


On the 20th of October of 2016, the General Assembly of the United Nations approved the final document of the United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development (Habitat III) held in Quito, Ecuador. The new urban development also known as "Quito Declaration on Sustainable Cities and Human Settlements for All" it’s included as an annex to the document.

As a result of this, the Department of Territory and Sustainability of the Generalitat of Catalonia considered necessary to promote a process to elaborate the Urban Agenda of Catalonia, which should enable us as a country to face the challenges posed by the urban phenomenon, in order to take advantage of the potentialities of urbanization and agglomeration, while correcting their weaknesses.

The Agenda intends to become the strategic reference framework for public policies in the coming years, responding to the challenges and opportunities arising from the increase in urban population, with a multi-level perspective and multidisciplinary approach, an integrated and holistic vision. This great objective must emerge from a broad consensus and must be strategic in order to establish frameworks for local governments and administrations. To this end, the Urban Assembly of Catalonia is constituted, which is a multidisciplinary and collegiate body, composed by representatives of each department of the Generalitat de Catalunya, representatives of the local area and representatives of the citizen and the business and associative fabric.

The formulation of the contents of the Urban Agenda of Catalonia requires technical and specialized knowledge in various fields, together with the commitment of the different government bodies that affect cities and regions, as well as the contributions of researchers in urban issues, of the associative fabric, of the business fabric and of citizenship. Therefore, it is necessary the participation of all the actors of Catalonia and in this context, has been considered crucial to promote a participation process of the Urban Agenda of Catalonia. To achieve this involvement, a total of 6 participatory sessions have been organized, which will be held from 6th of June to 31st of July, and which will deal with:

1) Metabolic processes

2) City model

3) Urban mobility

4) Social cohesion

5) Citizen dimension

6) New governance


Please, to participate register at the following link: