The rediscovery of straw in construction


From October 25 to 28, the Meeting of the Construction Network with Straw was held in Valencia. A space where workshops have been held to get in touch with the material and work on it, to make visits to real buildings built with straw in the Valencia area and presentations by experts, builders, trainers and entrepreneurs, both national and international.

The goal has been to bring straw to the population, give confidence to the consumer in order to access the construction of a house made of straw, a natural, renewable, easily biodegradable, inexpensive, very good insulator material To be the valuation of a surplus of the farmer, therefore, we are giving it a new value to a product that he would not possibly have.

We have several constructive techniques for the use of straw, GREB systems, CUT (structural wood and straw), Nebraska (straw as a structural element), with prefabricated panels, such as SATE as insulation etc.

In this meeting were public buildings built with one of these systems, such as those shown by the architect Iñaki Urquía who has carried out several projects of public buildings in Navarra.

During the talks, it was also possible to see the project with European funds Up-Straw, which is in the process of building several buildings throughout Europe to sensitize the population and bring everyone the benefits of straw. Frenchman Nicolas Rabuel, technical coordinator of the project, stressed the importance of the use of this material due to climate change, waste reduction, ease of assembly and high insulation capacity, stating that we will soon see the Straw as a common construction material.