Presentation of the book "Catalunya futur verd"


On November 27 will be the presentation book that collects the result of the cycle "Catalunya futur verd", held in three days during the year 2017 in La Pedrera and that seek to contribute to re-elaborate and update the concept of the
Sustainability defined at the end of the last century.

The book is based on the challenge of overcoming the social avalanche generated by the crisis, to put science and knowledge at the service of a new growth model. As the Noucentisme, at the turn of a new century, put the culture at the service of creating the imagination of a better country, today also give the conditions to build the foundations of an intelligent economy based on environmental efficiency. We have discovered the limits, the need to internalize social and environmental costs and to establish a new conversation culture with the natural environment; Now it is necessary to translate this awareness into a new framework of global and local action, in which the implementation of environmental policies is in the process of decision-making from the beginning.

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