Systempool registers DAPcons® for coatings and adhesive products


The Porcelanosa Group's Systempool has developed five Product Environmental Declarations for its KRION® product range, a new generation solid surface. Four of these DAPs describe the environmental impact of this material for different uses over its entire life cycle (furniture, interior and exterior facing), while one relates to the environmental impacts generated by product KRION Porcelanosa solid Surface adhesive, an adhesive for bonding and sealing solid surfaces. All products are manufactured at the Systempool plant in Villarreal, Castellón. 

The company ReMa Ingeniería SL, a member affiliated with the Program Operator DAPconstrucción®, has been responsible for preparing the ACV Life Cycle Analyzes, which are subsequently verified by ITeC. The five DAPcons® are valid through December 2022 and are based on the RCP 100 Product Category Rules for general construction products. 

In this case, DAPs 100.003 and 100.007 referring to the KRION Porcelanosa solid Surface and KRION Porcelanosa solid Surface adhesive products analyze the impacts of the cradle on the door, which means that the environmental impacts generated during the production phase of the product are analyzed,  and the construction, use and end of life stages are left out, while the rest of the DAPs do so from the cradle to the grave considering all phases of the life cycle.

The Program Operator DAPconstrucción® was created in 2008 and specializes in construction products, with the aim of bringing together manufacturers who want to advance in analyzing the environmental impacts of their products and commit to environmental improvement.