Expobiomasa opens the public announcement to the innovation prize


All the professionals, companies and public or private entities of the sector interested in attending with their projects, products or services to the Innovation Prize of Expobiomasa may present their candidacy without exclusion. The candidates for the prize may participate regardless of their presence at the Expobiomasa fair. The call, as already happened in recent editions, is thus open to all interested parties, so that it is no longer an essential requirement to be an exhibitor to access the competition.

The Spanish Association for Energy Valorization of Biomass, as organizer of the event, tries to promote innovation in the sector with this call and gather a complete and varied sample of technological novelties.

The award maintains its objective of contributing to the revitalization of the sector through the recognition of initiatives that enhance its economic development. Once again, a single category is established, in which a Prize and two Accésits will be awarded, with € 2,000 and € 500 respectively. Once again, the information provided in each of the candidatures that attend the Prize, will be promoted by different means and through a dossier that will be published on the official website in advance of the celebration of the event, and that will be distributed among the media. collaborators and specialized press to promote its dissemination prior to the fair.

Expobiomasa is, without a doubt, the perfect showcase for technology, innovations and innovation, proof of this is our commitment to the promotion of the signatures and the delivery of more than 80,000 euros over these years, to the candidatures winners of the Innovation Award for their involvement in continuous improvement in the sector and adaptation to the new demands of consumers. In addition to the technological component and the degree of innovation, the applications will also be submitted to criteria of originality, applicability and energy saving, to determine the winning option.

To expand the information, request more photos or solve doubts, those interested can contact info@expobiomasa.com or call 975 10 20 20.

Participation rules